Who We Are

Our Mission

Tennessee 4 Change is a statewide, non-profit, volunteer organization devoted to promoting a more rational criminal justice system and public safety awareness through advocacy, education, legislation and litigation. We are committed to providing support for persons required to register for sex related offenses as well as for members of their families. We are dedicated to honoring human rights, dignity, and safeguarding the civil liberties of all citizens.


In 1995, Tennessee implemented a conviction-based sex offender registry. Legislators have since passed laws restricting housing, employment, education, travel,and loitering. There are now approximately 21,000 people listed on the public state sex offender registry. Yet research indicates that public registries and residency restrictions do not improve public safety, and have serious unintended consequences. Furthermore, the reciprocal connections between registration and poverty, racism, and disability have been unexplored, and the impact of social exclusion unaddressed. Current laws tend to stigmatize and debilitate families, and make it difficult for service providers to address re-entry, unemployment, homelessness, mental health treatment and consequences.


Tennessee 4 Change promotes the elimination of sexual abuse and the preservation of civil rights for all individuals through the use of effective legislation based on empirical research. Our organization does not support or condone any individual or organization that promotes or legitimizes any sort of sexual or physical assaults on children or adults. We do not tolerate or associate with any individual or organization that engages in illegal activities. We vehemently oppose any organization that seeks to legitimize abusive sexual behavior or sexual activities between adults and children.